Small group at Fritz and Tracy's

Posted by seanho on Sat 26 May 2007

The BBQ tonight at Fritz+Tracy's place was yummy! It was good to see everyone again; we hadn't met in four weeks. Unfortunately, I missed most of the discussion as I had to sneak off to CCM's StokeHouse event to connect up with Allen there and chat about their upcoming youth leadership camp. Good people there at CCM -- and I even randomly met Ken, who is "supposed" to be part of our small group! I made it back to Fritz+Tracy's just in time for prayer -- and Tony's exquisite desserts bought from the highest-class, hardest-to-find fine bakeries. Afterward we chatted at length about church, ministry philosophies, leadership, etc., until ... oh ... around 2am .... oof, I'm getting too old to stay up that late! :)