Starfield concert at Broadway church

Posted by seanho on Sat 21 October 2006

As a culmination of the Unite in Worship training conference for worship leaders, Desperation Band and Starfield had a concert tonight at the huge sanctuary of Broadway church in Vancouver. It wasn't totally packed full, but there were still probably close to a thousand folks of all ages, from teenagers to parents. The concert was fun, and it was nice to be there with Rob, Phebe, Abby+Neil, Cliff+Libby, and Fritz+Tracy. It would have been nicer if we had had more of a chance to chat, though! It was so loud we couldn't really talk with each other much. Starfield was fantastic -- great music and pretty rockin' -- but I liked the more worshipful attitude of the Desperation Band folks. Out of the many many concerts I've been to thus far, I still have to say the best confluence I've seen of humble worship and musical excellence are the guys in Common Ground Band; their attitudes are really inspiring.

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