Stroll with mom in Lynden

Posted by seanho on Tue 12 August 2008

In recent weekdays both my mom and I have been pretty much cooped up indoors, sweltering in the heat, recuperating from weekend camps/trips, and working busily on the computer. I just got my mom a new Acer Aspire One "netbook" mini-laptop -- she really likes the bright screen and tiny form-factor, but OpenOffice 3 is giving her trouble with her Chinese presentations. Anyhow, we needed to go south of the border to do some mail and banking, so today we decided to make that our "big trip" outing. The weather was bright and sunny, and the boulevard down central Lynden was bursting with colour and flowers for the county fair. After doing our errands, we had a nice big ice-cream waffle-cone at a small shop next door to the post office, right here at this picture.

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