Super-excited about Sunday school!

Posted by seanho on Sun 16 September 2007

Ah, I just had to post a quick entry here about Sunday school today! So I've been asked to teach a baptismal preparation class for the teens at Surrey ECBC, every week from now until December -- today was the first week. I'm super-excited about it, and all the more excited when I got to see the kids today! :) Twenty-one kids showed -- not all are ready for baptism, and a couple have already been baptized -- but still, I think we'll have at least 8-10 who are really serious about getting baptized!

Even more wonderful was the questions they were asking during class -- deep, insightful, challenging, thought-provoking questions like, "is there an unforgivable sin?", "will babies who die in infancy go to hell?", "what about capital punishment?", "can Christians join the military?", "are ghosts real?", "what about Catholics vs. Protestants and the Reformation?", and much much more. And these kids are 12-13-14 years old! So insightful! Yeah, we didn't get even halfway through the curriculum for today, but hey these questions are the stuff of which Sunday school is made!

It was so heartwarming: after class, two boys of about 12 years old came up to me, speaking in Mandarin (which I'm a bit flaky in). During the class, initially they had kind of a poor attitude, reading a Harry Potter novel and flinging pens around until I admonished them. Later on, they became a constant stream of questions -- some apropos, some tangential, but always deep. So I was quite surprised when, after class, one of them confided to me: "All my life I have always hated teachers. I have never liked a single teacher. You are the first teacher that made me really want to come back next week." Wow! Glory be to God!

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