Sushi Ichi in the autumn

Posted by seanho on Thu 04 October 2007

I really like this little sushi place in Fort Langley, Sushi Ichi (it used to be called "Iron Chef" something, but they changed their name, probably due to trademarks!). Fort Langley is so close to Trinity; it's a great place to go for food on days like today when I forget to pack my lunch. The main street, Glover Road, is perfect for taking a stroll on sunny summer days. Today, it's a typical autumn day in the Lower Mainland -- cloudy and drizzly, full of soft light and the soothing patter of rain. On the maple trees outside, the light just seems to fall into the matte orange leaves; no specular reflection whatsoever -- it's an oddity of photonics.

The atmosphere here at Sushi Ichi is quiet and content, like a home that is at peace. The window dressings, cozy spaces, and wall mouldings lend it a bed-and-breakfast feel. Soft piano hymns waft in the air. It's a great place for an intimate conversation between friends. The staff are always friendly and never seem rushed. I chat with the owner a bit in Mandarin and Taiwanese; she attends a local charismatic church. Her kids are off school today, and in a few minutes they come bounding in, all chatter and happiness.

It is a good lunch; a good day.

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