TGIF BBQ at Buntzen Lake!

Posted by seanho on Sat 31 May 2008

` 49° 21m 53s N by 122° 51m 19s W <>`__

It's summertime, finally! And that means BBQ time! Our TGIF young-adults' group at Surrey Christian Alliance Church had a wonderful time of fellowship today on the shores of Buntzen Lake, north of Coquitlam. The weather has been typically Vancouver-rainy for so long, we were really praying for clear skies for the BBQ! And God answered! It was beautifully blue, without a cloud in sight, the whole time we were eating. Then later, when we went for a leisurely four-hour hike along the Buntzen Lake Trail, it was lightly overcast -- just enough to keep us cool, perfect temperature! It didn't rain until that evening, while we were inside eating dinner. Just right!

Thanks Steph for organizing and buying the bulk of the food and equipment, including that cool little portable grille for only $15! It was such a precious time together, with old friends and new friends, enjoying God's creation and the fellowship in the Holy Spirit.

More photos in separate album!

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