TGIF girls at Starfield concert

Posted by seanho on Fri 06 June 2008

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Last month our Friday night fellowship had planned to attend the Christian music band Starfield's concert at Willingdon Church, but it got postponed due to an accident the night before. Finally, tonight Starfield came back for the make-up concert!

The concert was great -- and all the better once I rolled up bits of tissue paper to use as makeshift ear-plugs! :) I'm serious, I really enjoy these concerts a lot more when my ears don't hurt.... The kids still squeezed in tight up front at the foot of the stage, but the band was very clear, "NO JUMPING".... :)

It was hilarious, when the lead singer came out at the start of the evening, he was clearly quite surprised at how much of the audience was Asian -- probably over 60%! Yay for Chinese Christians! With all the churches that I have opportunity to serve in, I knew a gazillion people there, and nearly spent more time catching up with old friends before and after the concert than I spent actually listening to the concert!

Kevin was also there, but up front serving as a bouncer/security for the stage -- he looked ubercool in his black short-sleeve T-shirt, showing off his biceps! And here in this photo are our girls, Sunny, Steph, Ingrid, and Claire!

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