Thanksgiving turkey for two

Posted by seanho on Mon 11 October 2010

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

So, this is officially our first Thanksgiving dinner at home with just the two of us!  Last year was our first Thanksgiving as a married couple, but we spent the long weekend on a little road trip -- we did have turkey, but that year it was store-bought from the nearby Safeway.  This year, my dear wifey has industriously prepared this lovely 8-lb turkey all by herself -- stuffed with celery, carrots, onions, and bay leaves for flavour -- carefully basted, and cooked to perfection!

In front we've got steamed corn-on-the-cob, baked sweet-potato home-fries, her new fresh-from-scratch cranberry/peach sauce, and two (store-bought) rolls.  Behind the turkey are some fresh salad greens in a nifty stoneware bowl that she recently picked up, of Peruvian design (ah, but still made in China!).

Oh, and in the back on our little glass-top dining table, that's my addition -- my little gardenia plant, I'm so proud that it survived the summer!

Postscript: Dear Wifey wishes me to add her Thanksgiving leftover tip: she made use of the leftover cranberry sauce and some fresh lemon zest to make lemon-cranberry muffins -- no food wasted here!

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