Trillium Native Plant Garden

Posted by seanho on Thu 12 April 2007

Oof, the semester is nearly over, and just about everyone is running out of steam, myself included. The other day a colleague and friend stopped by just to see how I was doing; that was so sweet of her. She said that just from my shoulders she could tell that I had a lot on my mind and was carrying a lot alone, and I suppose that's true.

Today, I couldn't really afford the time, but I really really needed at least to take a walk outside for a bit, so I strolled for five minutes through our new native plant garden out back behind our building's parking lot. The springy feel of the soil-and-bark walkway was so soft on my feet. Here is a lovelyTrillium ovatum blossom: apparently, they depend on ants attracted to their oil to spread seeds for them.

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