TWU Community Day at Langley CRC

Posted by seanho on Mon 18 August 2008

Today is TWU's Community Day, marking the start of the new working year for staff and faculty at Trinity. It's a time when we get back together after a summer of working on our own separate projects; some faculty have been away on travel studies, or sabbatical, or just doing their own research. Sessional faculty only work 9 months out of the year, so it's their time to come back on campus. For me, my summer has been full-up-to-the-brim with the ministry work -- I'm kind of looking forward to the school year for a reprieve! :) Well, maybe it won't be less hectic, but at least it's a bit more predictable....

Community Day is always cool because it's essentially a worship service for all the staff/faculty, all five or six hundred of us. This year, we borrowed the sanctuary at Langley Christian Reformed Church; it was just beautiful and really set me in a worshipful mood. Even the upward sweep of the big pipe organ seemed to uplift our spirits in reverence. I came in late and had to stand in the balcony stairwell, but still I thoroughly enjoyed the time of worship.

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