TWU Faculty Retreat 2007

Posted by seanho on Wed 22 August 2007

´╗┐Every year before the start of the fall semester, the TWU faculty (about 150 of us) spend two full days and one night together at a retreat to refocus our hearts and gear us up for the coming school year. The lovely grounds here at Cedar Springs in Sumas, WA have served us well for many years.

Last year, I was unable to attend the faculty retreat due to my ongoing immigration application; the year before that was my first one, and rather overwhelming with the fairly cerebral discussion material and somewhat arcane terminology. But this year's retreat was much more personal and warm in tone, I thought.

Many of the talks by our peers were simply honest and vulnerable sharings of personal struggles and trials. I found it so refreshing -- still tiring, along with the several other retreats I've had this year -- but refreshing nonetheless. It certainly has provided a lot to think about. I got a stern-but-gentle talking-to by a couple of my more motherly colleagues, pushing me to be a little more proactive and intentional in finding a wife....

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