View from Eva's temporary apartment

Posted by seanho on Sat 01 September 2007

Well, for all the bad things I have to say about Microsoft, one thing I do have to admit is that they take care of their employees. This weekend Eva's moving up from Seattle to Vancouver; due to visa problems she's been shuffled here to the new Richmond office for the next year or so. Microsoft has graciously put her up in temporary housing for a month, so she has a bit of time to find a place and get settled in Richmond.

The upside is the temporary housing is in a beautiful and central location right on the banks of False Creek, near the heart of Vancouver. The building is a bit old, but it is evident that it was top-of-the-line when it was first built! This area is prime real estate and some of the most expensive land in the nation. The property manager said that if we were to rent this place for ourselves, we'd be paying nearly CAD$4500 a month! yipes! It's a good thing this month is on Microsoft's bill, and Eva won't be staying here for the long term.

False Creek is convenient to Vancouver, but actually quite inconvenient to work -- Eva's commute home during rush-hour takes 40mins to an hour! She'll be looking for an apartment in Richmond, closer to work.

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