Vivien and Richard's wedding

Posted by seanho on Sat 05 July 2008

Aww, 'tis the season for weddings! And for me, 'tis the age when every year a lot of my friends all get married up! Today it was Vivien and Richard from KS. They are such a sweet, quiet couple; I always see them hiding out in the balcony at KS, holding hands. They're always pleasant and peaceable, soft-spoken and never ones to draw attention to themselves.

Today's ceremony at Fraser Lands, officiated by Pastor Lawrence, was sparse and simple, which I thought kind of reflected their aversion to pomp and ceremony. It was fairly small, less than 200 people I think; I would have thought more people from church would be there. In this photo Elaine is adjusting Vivien's train -- when Elaine was walking down the aisle, she had thisĀ huge grin on her face, it was fantastically hilarious! :)

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