Waterhouse Grill with mommy

Posted by seanho on Thu 14 August 2008

Phew, it's been a bit warm lately! With no air-conditioning at home, we've been resorting to hiding out in stairwells and the garage to try to get some relief. I really need an attic fan! The other day, my mom actually took an afternoon nap in my car, because the ground-floor garage is the coolest place in my house!

So for dinner tonight, rather than getting even warmer by cooking at home, we decided to go out and try this new swanky restaurant along 200th, Waterhouse Grill. It was on the more upscale side of things, but not overly pricey, compared with, say, Coza's Tuscan in Langley. The beef brisket was superb. I liked the architecture and decor, although they don't have much of a view besides that of the lovely parking lot and the auto shop next door.

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