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Jason + Karen's wedding!

Yay, our very own cutest couple ever, Jason+Karen, are getting married! This is our first wedding in our TGIF youth/young-adults' ...

TGIF girls at Starfield concert

` 49° 14m 27s N by 123° 0m 10s W`

Last month our Friday night fellowship Posted by seanho on Fri 06 June 2008

TGIF BBQ at Buntzen Lake!

` 49° 21m 53s N by 122° 51m 19s W <http://maps.google.com/maps?q=49.339860N122.857758W&t=h>`__

It's ...

Dinner in lieu of Starfield concert

Our TGIF young-adults' small group had been looking forward to Posted by seanho on Sat 26 April 2008

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